Press release - Opening of a nano-factory

NAFIGATE Park started to produce membranes from nanofibers in the village of Andělská Hora near

Liberec. Membranes become part of face masks and respirators, later also air filtration equipment




The production of nanomembrane on well-known Czech Nanospider machines in a factory in northern Bohemia will be

production of face masks and respirators in Pilsen. These protective medical devices will be NAFIGATE Park

together with its industrial parterue. Due to the never-ending pandemia of the coronavirus, which

a large part of the world is still significantly affected, and the demand for protective equipment is also growing.


NAFIGATE Park, which focuses on industrial production, has recently separated itself from the

NAFIGATE Corporation. The team from this company has been researching nanofibers for fifteen years.


Nanomembranes of the highest quality


"Our goal is to offer people very effective protection against viruses, bacteria and dust

particles," said Michal Mareš, director of NAFIGATE Park. He believes that production is

produced nanomembrane pays off. According to him, customers will gradually learn to distinguish between products,

which use the term 'nano' as a mere marketing ploy, and those that represent a technological

industry leader.


Nafigate Corporation's nanomembrane was also tested by the Academy of Sciences' Institute of Instrumentation

Czech Republic, which in the past helped to make Brno famous as a world centre thanks to its research and development

electron microscopy "Nanomembranes are perfectly compact, i.e. they can be

high efficiency in particle trap even on a nanometer scale," summarised the main result

testing by Eliška Materna Mikmeková from this institute.



Protective equipment, which includes a high-quality nanomembrane, can be washed, variously sterilized and

repeatedly – even 50 times, even for several months. "We specialize in high-tech

in the nanomembrane area, i.e. a relatively small segment. Our products will be relatively expensive,"

co-owner of NAFIGATE Corporation, Lenka Mynářová. The company recently acquired

european patent. Production will amount to tens of millions of face masks and

respirators per year. NAFIGATE already registers demand both in the Czech Republic and abroad -

europe and other continents, such as the Arabian Peninsula.


Former textiles


Nafigate Park opened its first nanofiber membrane factory on the premises

former textile factories Feigl & Widrich in Andělská Hora. It was built between 1904 and 1907 and today

is a cultural monument.



In addition to the nanomembrane production itself, the factory will also have its own R&D department.

"We want to set the course for development in our field and we intend to maintain our position as a

innovative society," stressed Michal Mareš.


Many years of research into nanofiber membranes will now move into mass production thanks to

european funds , namely through the domestic Operational Programme Entrepreneurship and

Competitiveness Innovation (OPPIK). Funding for the nano-factory project in Andělská Hora

shareholders of NAFIGATE Corporation.


Lenka Mynářová points out that sectors that require long-term research have so far

for example, with information technologies, venture capital remains a party to the spotlight in the Czech Republic.

However, the co-owner of NAFIGATE Corporation sees hope for Czech start-ups in the future in new

programmes of the European Union - The Recovery Fund and the Just Transition Fund.


Nanospider is making its way


Two Nanospider machines for the production of nanofiber materials were delivered to a factory in Andělská Hora

elmarco. The famous Czech Nanospider technology, which was created thanks to the invention of

Technical University of Liberec in 2003, it will also use laboratory equipment in the

nafigate park department.


"Nanospider machines are the only ones that can produce nanofibers on an industrial scale and

with such quality. We have the latest generation of machines in Andělská Hora," said Michal



NAFIGATE Corporation has been cooperating with Elmarco for a long time. On her machines before

several years ago, it launched a pilot production of nanomembrane and tested customer requirements. NAFIGATE thus

has already started, to a limited extent, the export of membranes that will serve in different parts of the world

to purify water and air. However, due to the coronavirus pandemia,

medical devices.

Innovation in the Czech Republic

Thanks to Nanospider technology, the Czech Republic has significant innovation potential. "We have overtaken the world and

we can produce nanofibers of the highest quality," says Lenka Mynářová. By noting that this technology

developed in the czech republic, Czech scientists and developers have a strong competitive advantage – it is

available throughout the chain, from research to industrial production. "In addition to nanofiber membranes

there are very few industries that we can say that the world's largest production capacity is in our country,"

supplied by Lenka Mynářová.


Nanofibers have great advantages. While nanoparticles are being criticised for

ecosystems and organisms, nanofibers do not carry similar risks.



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