NS Lab is suitable for experiments and development

Laboratory equipment for the production of nanofiber structures provides a robust platform for creating a uniform nanofiber membrane in the development of new types of materials. The materials thus produced represent a sufficient quantity of homogeneous and qualitatively comparable materials which can subsequently be tested in end products. This compact and affordable research tool uses the same solid wired electrode system as the one found in industrial production lines, on which research results can then be reliably transferred and tested materials produced in industrial volumes.


Nanofibers and their unique properties

Nanofibers are fibers whose diameter is between several nanometers and several hundred nanometers. One nanometer is 0.000000001 meter or if 10-9 meters and is not visible to the eye without the use of an optical apparatus. By comparison, a human hair has a diameter of about 75,000 nanometers.


NS 1600U is an industrial line for the production of nanofibers

Industrial equipment for nanofiber production /Nanospider NS 8S1600U by Elmarco/ is the basic spinning unit for industrial production of nanofibers in our electrostatic spinning line. The advantage of the industrial line is the same production platform used by our laboratory equipment and thus the portability of the results of research and development of layers into large production volumes. Wide possibilities in setting the parameters of the squealing solution, feed rate of the underlying textile, fiber diameter, surface treatment of the underlying material allow to set the production line so that the resulting material corresponds exactly to the requirements of the end customer


Lamination line

Part of the equipment of our factory is a lamination line. The line is equipped with a system of rewinders and unwinders and a module of dispersion of adhesive materials. We use this production line for thermal bonding of individual material layers in the production of composite materials that contain a nanofiber layer.