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Product offer for our customers

N-composite roll

Multilayer laminated materials with nanofiber membrane effectively prevent the permeation of viruses, bacteria and other particles such as allergens and smog. More information can be found in the individual technical datasheetes.


Protective window mesh for maximum comfort and protection against harmful substances from the air. The product uses the unique properties of nanofibers – especially the ability to create barriers for the penetration of the smallest particles.

Tailor-made nano coated

Long-term know-how, its own R&D center and testing capability allows us to develop and produce new nanofiber products that meet customer needs and meet the requirements of various filter applications including gas turbines, industrial dust collection, HVAC, cabin air, engine intake and other specified variants. We are committed to building innovative products and offering competitive prices.


The highest generation of Nanospider technology™

Nanospider™ designed for the production of all kinds (organic and inorganic) nanofibers. NAFIGATE Park has not only facilities for laboratories enabling research and development of nanofibers, but also a production line for small-scale production and industrial large-capacity lines.


Development & Testing

All our products will go through a wide range of tests and optimizations in our development center at the beginning.



Production takes place in specially adapted premises for maximum quality of nanofibers.


Quality control

A sophisticated quality control system ensures that only the best products reach our customers.


The story of our company and our values

Our story

NAFIGATE park – the first plant for the production of nanofibers – is being created at the former textile factory Feigl & Widrich – a cultural monument in the village of Andělská Hora. This is a monument with a strong historical story. It is the first nanofigate corporation production plant with its own R&D center.

Our values

Maximum long-term quality

Complete service under one roof

Technology helps people

We work with the best


Partners we work with

We base ourselves on working with the best and building long-term relationships. Our customers are demanding and motivate us to be the best in the industry.

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